PHP Architect with a knack for User Experience

I am a PHP developer with focus on system architecture. My specialties are robust, distributed and real-time applications. I use leading edge technology, but do not avoid bleeding edge when appropriate. I use Nette Framework which allows me to build fast and robust applications.

I follow current trends in web development and actively search for new technology and practices that can help me to build better applications and become a better developer.

Since my high school studies I have strived to desing for the best user experience. As a backend developer I focus on the information architecture aspect of UX, but I know my way around user interface design too.


Bratislava, Slovakia


+421 948 210 742





PHP - expert
HTML - expert
CSS - advanced
JavaScript - advanced
AJAX - expert
node.js - basic
java - basic


MySql - advanced
MongoDb - advanced
elasticsearch - intermediate
Neo4j - basic


slovak - native
czech - almost native
english - expert
german - advanced
swedish - basic
danish - basic
japanese - basic


Rabbit MQ
Zero MQ
WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol


Human Centered Informatics 2010 - 2012
Aalborg University, Denmark

To further my knowledge in the field of Human Computer Interaction and User Experience I went to study at the prestigious Aalborg University. Here I came across some very interesting and advanced theories about human computer relationship. The theoretical studies were accompanied by practical projects where we worked with local companies.

Human Computer Interaction, Data Warehouse 2009
University West, Sweden

Erasmus study. I rediscovered my passion for User Experience with the Human Computer Interaction class. I passed with flying colors. Data Warehouse class proved to me that i have a knack for database design.

Information Systems Management, Management 2005 - 2010
Comenius University, Slovakia

Even though I did not continue in pursuing education in computer science, in the end the computers came back to me. Bachelor's thesis was purely from the economic area. For my masters I chose a theme that would shape my future career: software engineering. I designed and built a prototype of an exams management information system that was supposed to solve problems the school had with exams magament. A commercialy sold system introduced in the year of my graduation made my project be only an excercise in systems engineering.

Informatics 2001 - 2005
Gymnázium Jura Hronca(High School)

Prestigious high school in Slovakia. The class specialization was in informatics. Lessons with the legendary professor Demacek sparked my interest in informatics. Already at this time I found tweaking the user interface of my Delphi programs more fun than coding solutions to mathematical equations.


Lead developer - tripin.sk - 2012 - present

Leading the development of car sharing platform, managing the development process, UX

Freelance developer - 4/2013 - present
Contracting for dotblue.nl and other clients

Mostly backend development, refactoring of code, bringing new features to clients, making their apps more performant, realtime features integration

Senior PHP Developer - 10/2012 - 04/2013

As a senior developer my responsibilities included team leading, system architecture and design. I have also assumed a role of technology leader, bringing new technology to the company. Here I worked on the RTVS project. The project was discontinued by the customer, reasons unclear.

Backend Developer- 09/2011 - 09/2012

Here I worked on the jobzine.sk social network as the lead developer and architect of the system. Besides that I developed a few smaller applications such as a helpdesk system, discussion system in the style of Facebook and some others. As the main and only developer i designed the whole system, accompanying services and database. I was also responsible for setting up the servers.

IT Division head- 04/2010 - 08/2011

As a fresh graduate I was given a project of considerable seriousness. Here I could practice my UX skills by wireframing a few user interfaces. One of the interfaces included the intranet system I then worked on. After a few months of solo work I was given a remote team of developers to help with the growing system.

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Many hours of work, thousands of lines of code...



Description:An application for door to door sales agents
My role: backend developer, bringing realtime features to the app, refactoring
Technologies used: php 5.4, nette framework 2, dibi, mysql, socket.io, gearman

New RTVS.sk national tv and radio website

Description:A new website for slovak national TV and radio. Includes frontend website and CMS.
My role: main programmer for the frontend system, frontend system architect, team leader
Technologies used: php 5.4, nette framework 2, dibi, mysql, elasticsearch, rabbit mq, zero mq, jqeury

Tripin.sk carpooling application

Description:An application enabling users to share a ride.
My role: main programmer, system desing and architecture, services design, spatial features integration
Technologies used: php 5.4, nette framework 2, mongodb, elasticsearch, java, rabbit mq, node.js, socket.io, jquery

Jobzine.sk social network

Description:A social network with the mix of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, about.me and flipboard functionality. Includes as realtime activity stream in Facebok style.
My role: main programmer, system desing and architecture, services design
Technologies used: php 5.3/5.4, nette framework 2, mongodb, ajax push engine, rabbit mq, redis, parallel programming, distributed services, jqeury

Backend information system for exprestlac.sk

Description:A backend system for employees management, orders management, invoices management, integrated helpdesk, integrated IVR menu, realtime caller identification
My role: main programmer, system desing and architecture, user interface design, business processes analysis, team leading
Technologies used: php 5.2/5.3, nette framework 1, ajax push engine, dibi, mysql, server side push, realtime, javascript, ajax, html, css, jquery

Private projects (in various states of completion):
Mazagran.eu - translation toolkit

Description:Translation toolkit for applications built with Nette framework
Technologies used: php 5.3, nette framework 2, mongodb, ajax, redis, jquery

Watchdog.pagodabox.com - live error monitoring

Description:Realtime error monitoring for applications built with Nette framework
Technologies used: php 5.3, nette framework 2, mongodb, ajax, redis, pusher, jquery

hladamdoktora.sk - spatial enabled doctor search application

Description:Find a specialist near you
Technologies used: Technologies used: php 5.3, nette framework 2, mongodb, ajax, redis, google maps, jquery

Unnamed social network

Description:A social network about night life and events
Technologies used: php 5.4, nette framework 2, neo4j, elasticsearch, ajax, redis, jqeury

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